Get Your Fax Documents Signed Quickly

Compared to a traditional fax machine, FlashFax enables you to sign and fax in a short time. You can easily access this online faxing service from different platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone.

Add Signature

Add Signature to Fax

With FlashFax, adding an electronic signature to your fax is easier than ever. Before sending your fax, you can open the signature tool and quickly sign your fax document with a customized signature (type, draw, upload).

No Software Required

No Software Required

Still looking for software to add a signature to your fax (PDF, Word, Excel, etc.)? FlashFax offers a cloud-based solution to sign and fax documents online. You don't need to download or install any software on your computer.

Secure Reliable

Secure & Reliable

FlashFax takes advanced security measures to protect the privacy of all our customers. Your fax documents and previously saved signatures in the cloud are encrypted with the strongest encryption algorithm and unique key.

Create Electronic Signature for Your Faxes

FlashFax allows you to create your own signature in three ways. You can either type, draw, or upload an image of your handwritten signature. The position and the size of your signature are adjustable.

Type Name

Type Your Name

Type your name in the field. You can choose a font style and insert it into your fax document.

Type Name

Draw Your Signature

Use your mouse or a touch screen to draw your signature. Afterward, you can save the drawing for future usage.

Type Name

Upload An Image

You can write your signature on paper. Take a photo of the signature and upload it as an electronic signature.

Why Choose FlashFax


FlashFax offers a variety of affordable plans for individuals, small businesses, and large corporations.


FlashFax offers unlimited cloud storage for your fax documents. You can always find your faxes online.

Always Online

FlashFax is a virtual fax machine that is always on to receive faxes. You won't miss any important faxes.

Start Faxing
Sign and Send Fax

How to Sign and Fax a Document

FlashFax helps you to e-sign and return documents via fax in seconds. You can use this internet faxing service on your phone, computer, or tablet. No additional software or app is required.

Upload Document

1. Upload your document to FlashFax and open the signature tool.

Next Step
Add Signature

2. Add a new signature or choose a previously saved signature.

Next Step
Fax Document

3. Adjust and save the signature. Then, fax the signed document.

FAQs about e-Signing Faxes

Can I use the signature tool for free?

Yes. Once you subscribe to a FlashFax plan, you can use the signature tool for free.

Is it safe to use FlashFax's signature tool?

Yes. All your files stored in FlashFax are encrypted with 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Only you can use the previous saved signatures for online faxing.

What document formats does FlashFax support?

With FlashFax, you can upload documents in formats such as PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, PNG, JPG, etc.

Can I use FlashFax's signature tool on my mobile phone?

Yes. FlashFax is a cloud-based service. You can sign and fax documents electronically from anywhere on any devices.

Are the fax documents that have been e-signed legally binding?

Totally. Electronic signatures carry the same weight and legal efficiency as handwritten signatures in many countries around the world.