Virtual Fax Number Without a Fax Machine

FlashFax allows you to send and receive faxes without a fax machine. Sign up for a free account, and you will get a free virtual fax number immediately. No credit card is required.

Local or Toll Free

Local or Toll-Free

You can choose your own fax number with any local area code to boost your local business, or get a toll-free number starting with 800, 877, 888 or other toll-free area codes.

Always Online

Always Online

The FlashFax system is like a virtual fax machine. Your free fax number is always online and ready to receive faxes anytime. In this way, you won't miss any important faxes.


Simultaneous Processing

A single fax number is able to send and receive faxes simultaneously. You don't need multiple phone lines, or wait in line. FlashFax will process all tasks quickly and securely.

Traditional Fax Number vs. FlashFax Fax Number

Comparing with a traditional fax number, the free fax number offered by FlashFax has lots of advantages. You can save a lot of money on ink and paper, and go paperless at work.

Traditional Fax Number

Traditional Fax Number

Cloud Fax Number

FlashFax Fax Number (Cloud)

No fax machine required No Yes
No phone line fees No Yes
No requirement of printer paper or ink No Yes
No maintenance costs No Yes
Send and receive faxes on any device No Yes
Send multiple faxes at the same time No Yes
Schedule fax transmissions to send at a specific date and time No Yes
Send faxes digitally by email No Yes
Receive faxes at any time (even when your devices are turned off) No Yes
Sign faxes electronically No Yes
Local or international fax numbers Yes Yes
Port fax numbers easily Yes Yes

How to Get a Free Fax Number

At FlashFax, you can truly get a cloud fax number for free. Our free faxing service allows you to send 5 pages per month without any hidden costs. Now, you are only three steps aways from getting your own fax number.

Enter a Fax Number

1. Sign up for a free account at FlashFax.

Next Step
Choose Fax Number

2. Choose a local or toll-free fax number.

Next Step
Send Fax

3. Enter the dashboard and send a fax for free.

What You Can Do with a Free Fax Number

Using the free fax number from FlashFax, you can experience the convenience of faxing online from anywhere. All limits of a physical fax machine have been lifted by our cloud fax service.

FAQs about FlashFax's Free Fax Number

Is FlashFax's fax number really free?

Yes, it's truly free. You only need to sign up with your email address, and then you can select and get an internet fax number for free.

Can I send a fax to an international fax number using FlashFax?

Yes. Using the free fax number offered by FlashFax, you can send faxes to any international fax number worldwide.

Can I receive faxes with this free fax number?

Yes. This is a real fax number, and you are able to receive faxes from anyone including the ones who uses a traditional fax machine. You can find the received faxes in the FlashFax inbox.

Is it secure to use a FlashFax cloud fax number?

Yes. FlashFax adopts 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to protect the safety of your personal data. It is more secure to use FlashFax than a traditional fax machine.

How many free fax numbers can I get at FlashFax?

Each free account can get one free fax number. If you need an additional fax number, you need to pay extra.

Can I port my existing fax number over to FlashFax?

Yes. If you want to keep using your existing fax number at FlashFax, you can easily port it over to FlashFax. It normally takes 4 weeks.