Welcome to FlashFax. Please read the following FlashFax terms and conditions of using our services carefully so that customers can understand customer's legal rights and obligations with respect to FlashFax. FlashFax reserve the right to revise or discontinue the terms and conditions at any time without notifying the users. Bu using FlashFax services, customers agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

1Overview of FlashFax Services

FlashFax provides customers with access to fax sending and receiving services online. Such electronic fax services include any updates, new features, and the addition of any new web properties that are subject to the end user license agreement.


This Agreement is entered into between FlashFax and the customer. It covers the terms and conditions of customers' use of FlashFax services. When customers use FlashFax services, customers agree to agree the FlashFax services are subject to the Agreement and its terms and conditions.

FlashFax may revise, update and change the terms at any time without notification. Customers shall be deemed to accept all these updates by continue using the services.

3Term and Termination

The license for the use of the FlashFax is effective until all the subscription terms for FlashFax services expire or are terminated.

Customers can terminate it at any time by destroying all the materials with all copies thereof.

Customers agree to pay applicable fees for the subscription term. Customers cannot cancel or terminate a subscription term for the causes:

This license will terminate under conditions set forth elsewhere within this Terms of Use or if customers fail to comply with any term or condition of this Terms of Use. In such event, no notice shall be required by FlashFax to affect such termination. Once termination of this Terms of Use, customers agree to destroy the materials as well as all the backup copies.


All the services, processes, designs, technologies, trademarks, trade names, inventions, and materials comprising any portion of the services are wholly owned by FlashFax. Customers should understand and agree that customers are not the owner of any FlashFax services, including any fax or FlashFax number assigned to customers by FlashFax.

Ownership of any such FlashFax number is vested solely in FlashFax. FlashFax is the customer of record for all FlashFax Numbers. FlashFax may assign such a number to customers for customers' use during the time of this Agreement. Customers understand and agree that following the termination of customers' FlashFax account for any reason, such FlashFax Number may be re-assigned immediate to another customer, and customers agree that FlashFax will not be responsible for damages arising out of any such re-assignment, and customers, therefore, waive any claims with respect to any such re-assignment, based on contractual, civil wrongs, or other grounds, even if FlashFax has been advised of the possibility of damages.

FlashFax's rights to the FlashFax numbers include the right to ‘port’ the FlashFax numbers. FlashFax is not a telephone company and is not under any legal obligation to permit the customer to port any FlashFax numbers. Customers agree not to transfer or attempt to transfer any FlashFax number assigned to the customer to any other telephone carrier or other people. If the customer violates this provision, customers agree to immediately transfer back the FlashFax number to FlashFax, pay FlashFax for any costs and damages caused by such transfer, and take any and all other actions as may be requested by FlashFax.

Customers agree that customers are not authorized to charge any services provided to customers or at customers' request to the FlashFax Number assigned to the customer by FlashFax and that customers will not request or otherwise cause any third-party service providers to charge any of its services to such number. Customers are responsible for any such charges, and any such charges will give FlashFax the right to immediately terminate customers' FlashFax accounts without notice.

If customers want to provide any suggestions, improvements, ideas, comments, or other feedback related to FlashFax, customers should grand FlashFax a non-revocable, sublicensable, royalty-free right and license to use, disclose, exploit, and distribute any feedback in any way without any obligation, payment, or restriction based on intellectual property rights.

5Privacy and Security

FlashFax is dedicated to establishing a reliable relationship with customers based on respect for personal identity and information. This Agreement constitutes customers' instructions to FlashFax to process customer data. FlashFax will only process, access, use, store, and transfer customer data as the customer instructs in order to deliver the services and fulfill FlashFax's obligations in the Agreement. FlashFax acknowledges that data contain proprietary and confidential information and agrees to keep the data in confidence and take precautions to secure the data stored. No unauthorized individuals have access to those data, and no unauthorized copies are made.

FlashFax will use information in accordance with the Privacy Policy. Please carefully read the FlashFax privacy policy, as it contains important details about our collection, use, and retention of information.

6Healthcare Customers

As long as the customer has no written agreement with FlashFax that advises otherwise, the customer agrees and understands that FlashFax is not a health insurer nor a ‘Business Associate’ as defined by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and any other related health clauses and amendments under HIPAA. Customers also should acknowledge that 'FlashFax' service does not follow HIPAA rules and regulations. The customer is not authorized to disclose, transmit, or perform any Protected Health Information measures as defined in HIPAA using FlashFax Service. The customers also agree that we cannot support and will not be responsible for Protected Health Information brought forward by the customer unless otherwise, such as having a Health Agreement with FlashFax.

7Pricing, Service, and Agreement Changes

FlashFax has the right to deny service to anyone for whatever reason and to change or cancel the service, the services, and product price and/or these terms of service agreement at any moment except where the law expressly forbids. FlashFax may make such changes or cancellations without notice. Customers can find updated prices on the FlashFax pricing page on the website. If customers continue to use our service after the change or cancellation has been updated on the website, it means customers have agreed to the updates. That is why we strongly recommend you read and review the website periodically.

8Warranties and Disclaimers

All FlashFax services are provided ''as is'' basis, and there are no warranties. FlashFax makes no representations, warranty, or guarantee that FlashFax's service will meet the customer's expectations.

FlashFax does not guarantee the continued availability of the services or any assumed guarantee or state of merchantability, acceptable quality, title, fitness for a specific purpose, compatibility, security, accuracy, or non-infringement.

FlashFax is not responsible in any manner for any customer properties, omissions, customer data, third-party products, third-party content, or difficulties outside of FlashFax's controls, including interruptions, security failures, transmission errors, and other problems caused by these items.Without limiting the foregoing, customers acknowledge that as a service to users of FlashFax service, we include links to other websites on the globe that FlashFax has no control over and makes no representations of any kind of content on such websites, and customers hereby irrevocably waive any claim against us with respect to such web sites. In no way shall FlashFax be liable for any damages that result from the customer or any third party, even if FlashFax has been advised of foreseeable possible damages.

Applicable law may not allow the exclusion or limitation of liability for consequential or incidental damages. Hence the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to customers. Customers shall not rely on any representation or warranty. Implied or expresses, even made by someone other than an authorized officer of the company, in evaluating the services of the company.

9Contact FlashFax

You may send notices, suggestions or other feedback to support@flashfax.io.

Last Updated: September 09, 2022