Online Fax Fully Secured in Every Aspect

FlashFax takes all kinds of security measures to protect your faxes both in transmission and in our cloud storage. Our online fax service is more secure than traditional faxing via a phone line.

256 Bit Encryption

256-Bit Encryption

FlashFax implements a 256-bit encryption algorithm, AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), to encrypt your fax files stored in the FlashFax dashboard. Your sensitive and important data is always safe with us.

Secure TLS Protocol

Secure TLS Protocol

When transmitting your faxes, FlashFax uses TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol to encrypt data transmission from end to end. Currently, TLS is one of the most secure cryptographic protocols.

Firewall Protection

Firewall Protection

FlashFax sets up a virtual firewall system to protect the safety of your fax number. You won't receive any faxes from suspect senders. Also, a blacklist function allows you to block unknown fax numbers manually.

DDOS Protection

DDoS Protection

FlashFax protects its online faxing service from potential DDoS attacks with all measures. We make sure that you can always access our service from any device and that your faxes are 100% secure.

Unlimited Storage

Two-Factor Authentication

FlashFax allows you to activate two-factor authentication when logging in to your account. It provides a higher level of security and ensures that no one else can access your account.

Reduced Cost

HIPAA Compliant

FlashFax complies with all kinds of regulations, including HIPAA, and ensures that all sensitive information in fax documents at rest, in transit, and in storage are kept confidential and safe.

Why Choose FlashFax

FlashFax has been acknowledged by individuals and companies from different industries. We offer a secure and reliable online faxing service to streamline your faxing processes and save you money.

Free Fax Number

Free Fax Number

Once you subscribe to a FlashFax plan, you will get a free fax number to send and receive faxes. You don't need to pay extra for this number.

Anytime Anywhere

Anytime & Anywhere

FlashFax makes it possible to send and receive faxes anytime, anywhere. You can easily access this service on your computer and mobile phone.

Cheap Fax Rates

Cheap Fax Rates

FlashFax is much cheaper than faxing via a fax machine. You can use the free plan to pay as you go, or subscribe to a premium plan.

FAQs about Secure Faxing Online

Is it secure to fax online?

Yes. An online fax service is more secure than a fax machine. At FlashFax, we utilize many kinds of security measures to protect your information and data.

Can I encrypt and protect my fax documents with a password?

Yes. You can set up a password for the inbound fax documents. This way, your faxes can only be viewed by entering the correct password.

Can I fax financial data via FlashFax?

Absolutely. FlashFax offers a secure internet fax service for financial industries. It is fully compliant with SOX and GLBA. All your confidential data is encrypted with advanced algorithms and protocols.

Can I securely send an encrypted fax on my iPhone?

Yes. FlashFax is a cloud faxing service. As long as you have a valid internet connection, you can securely use FlashFax to fax from your iPhone.