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1Service Scope

FlashFax offers fax sending and receiving fax services to its users. Here is a brief introduction to these services:

Send Fax Service

FlashFax provides you with a platform to send faxes online to any available faxing number throughout the world. The faxes can be sent via your email client or FlashFax’s online dashboard.

Once the fax is sent, you will receive a delivery message in your email inbox. You will know whether the fax was sent successfully or not from the message.

To ensure the fax is sent successfully, the receiver’s fax machine should be turned on, and the fax number should be correct.

Receive Fax Service

You can share your fax number with anyone to receive faxes via FlashFax. FlashFax dashboard and your email inbox will receive it immediately when the sender starts outgoing fax to your fax number.

You can read and view your fax file in your email inbox, save it to your device, print the fax content, and forward it to others directly.

Account Set-up Form

As part of the FlashFax service, you may manually create your account on this website. FlashFax requests information from the user on the Account Set-up Form. During the process, you are required to give personally identifiable information (such as company, contact name, telephone number, email address, and fax number). Such contact information is used to communicate with you in connection with your use of our services and to reply to your feedback or questions. FlashFax will not share your information without permission and will retain the data you provide until you request its deletion.

2Instant Fax Number Activation

When you sign up FlashFax service successfully, you can get the option to select your favorite fax number from a list of numbers. Once you choose it, the fax number will be activated immediately.


To use the FlashFax service, you need to subscribe to it. Select the subscription plans of FlashFax, and payment methods approved to use the full features of this fax service. The payment methods include Credit Card, PayPal, and Wire Transfer. The service credits are not refundable or exchanged into a cash account.

4Service Level Agreement Uptime Exceptions

5Customer Support

FlashFax would love to hear from you. We provide 24/7 customer support at support@flashfax.io.

Last Updated: September 09, 2022