A Reliable Healthcare Fax Solution That Meets All Your Needs

FlashFax's cloud fax service securely transmits sensitive patient information, such as medical records, prescriptions, and insurance claims. With advanced security features, healthcare providers can confidently rely on our service without the risk of data breaches or HIPAA violations.

Fax from Any Device

Fax from Any Device

The FlashFax fax service is cloud-based. It allows you to fax from any device, including computer, phone, and tablet, as long as you have a working Internet connection.

Advanced Data Encryption

Advanced Data Encryption

FlashFax uses advanced encryption measures, such as end-to-end encryption and a 256-bit data encryption algorithm, to protect sensitive patient information at all times.

Unlimited Cloud Storage

Unlimited Cloud Storage

With unlimited storage, you can store all your inbound and outbound healthcare faxes in the cloud. You don't have to worry about losing or misplacing patient health records anymore.

Centralized Administration

Centralized Administration

If you use our service in a team, FlashFax provides administrators with the ability to manage users, assign fax numbers, set permissions, and monitor activity in real time.

Cost Efficiency

Cost Efficiency

With FlashFax, you can save the cost of a fax machine, a phone line, paper and ink, and maintenance fees. Our healthcare fax service offers an affordable price and low fax rates.

Responsive Support

Responsive Support

Our support team continues to provide quality service to our customers. Whether it is technical support or general inquiries, you will receive prompt assistance.

The Healthcare Organizations are Choosing FlashFax

FlashFax provides several useful features for healthcare providers, such as automatic retry, fax scheduling, and electronic signatures. This healthcare fax service streamlines their workflows and brings excellent flexibility and convenience.

Roman Schmidt


I have been using FlashFax for several months. I'm most impressed with the signature feature, since I don't have to print, sign and rescan the documents.

Jamie Lancon

Medical Assistant

FlashFax has been a great help in my daily work. I don't have to rely on the old fax machine anymore. All medical documents sent are traceable.

Loray Coleman


With FlashFax, I can take photos and directly fax them on my tablet. The entire process runs seamlessly. No more waiting at the fax machine. Great!

FAQs about The Healthcare Fax Service

Is the FlashFax fax service HIPAA compliant?

Yes, it is. FlashFax is designed to comply with HIPAA regulations and protect the privacy of patient health information. All faxes sent through our service are secure and confidential.

Can I use FlashFax to send faxes from my iPhone?

Yes, you can. FlashFax is a web-based service. You can open the FlashFax website on your phone to securely send and receive faxes.

Are my medical records secure with FlashFax?

Yes, they are. All files stored in FlashFax are encrypted using the best encryption algorithms available. We make sure that there won't be any data breaches.

Can I get a fax number to receive healthcare faxes?

Yes, you can. When you sign up for a FlashFax plan, you will receive a free fax number. This number allows you to easily send and receive healthcare faxes from anywhere.

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