Send International Faxes Easily and Securely

FlashFax offers a simple and quick solution to fax from one country to another and saves you time and money. It lets you send and receive faxes abroad on any device within minutes.

Worldwide Coverage

Worldwide Coverage

FlashFax's outbound faxing is available to many countries worldwide. You can easily fax from the USA to Canada, Mexico, Australia, Germany, England, Greece, Japan, etc.

No Fax Machine

No Fax Machine Required

With this online faxing service, you can eliminate your fax machine and extra phone line. All you need to fax internationally is a computer and an internet connection.

Fax From Email

Fax from Email

Once you subscribe to a FlashFax plan, you will get a free fax number linked to your email address. Then, you can send international faxes directly by email.

Cheap Rate

A Cheap Rate

FlashFax offers affordable plans at a cheap rate, and there are no hidden costs or extra fees. FlashFax will charge you only for online faxes that are successfully sent.

Secure Faxing

Secure Faxing

FlashFax's international faxing service ensures a secure fax transmission. All data transmitted through FlashFax are encrypted and protected from unauthorized access.

Accurate Processing

Accurate Processing

FlashFax supports all common document files like PDF, Word, and Excel. When processing the documents, it will retain the original layout and keep every detail accurate.

International Fax Rates by Country

FlashFax's online fax service supports sending faxes to more than 40 countries worldwide. And the country list is still expending. The price for each international fax is determined by the number of pages and the receiver's location. Following are international fax rates by country.

  • Australia

    Australia - $0.10

  • Austria

    Austria - $0.25

  • Belgium

    Belgium - $0.25

  • Brazil

    Brazil - $0.15

  • China

    China - $0.10

  • Egypt

    Egypt - $0.10

  • France

    France - $0.10

  • Germany

    Germany - $0.10

  • Greece

    Greece - $0.10

  • Hong Kong

    Hong Kong - $0.12

  • Hong Kong

    Hong Kong - $0.12

  • Hong Kong

    Hong Kong - $0.12

  • Italy

    Italy - $0.10

  • Japan

    Japan - $0.12

  • Mexico

    Japan - $0.10

  • Netherlands

    Netherlands - $0.10

  • Netherlands

    New Zealand - $0.10

  • Portugal

    Portugal - $0.10

  • Singapore

    Singapore - $0.15

  • South Korea

    South Korea - $0.15

  • Spain

    Spain - $0.10

  • Switzerland

    Switzerland - $0.10

  • Taiwan

    Taiwan - $0.12

  • United Kingdom

    United Kingdom - $0.10

How to Send an International Fax

FlashFax enables you to send faxes to an international fax number in just a few easy steps. No deep knowledge is required. Follow the three steps below to start faxing.

Choose Country Code

1. Choose a country code and enter the recipient's fax number.

Next Step
Add Fax Document

2. Add the document that you want to fax internationally.

Next Step
Send Fax

3. Click the Send button to send the international fax.

Why Choose FlashFax

Customized Plans

FlashFax offers customized subscription plans with flexibility for individuals and businesses.

Cloud Access

FlashFax is a cloud-based service that allows you to access the faxing dashboard from anywhere.

Paperless Office

No more printing out your faxes! FlashFax helps you to minimize the use of physical paper and ink.

Start Faxing
Send International Faxes

FAQs about International Faxing

Do I need international fax to transmit to Canada from the USA?

Yes. Sending faxes to another country from the USA requires an international fax service. Because USA and Canada are both in the North American Numbering Plan, you don't need to dial the country code.

How do I send an international fax from Outlook?

If you want to use Outlook to send international faxes, you only need to use the email to fax service FlashFax provides. Once you associate your e-mail address with the free fax number in your plan, you can directly fax from Outlook.

Is it safe to send an online fax to another country with FlashFax?

Absolutely. FlashFax assures you that all fax documents remain confidential in your account. FlashFax utilizes AES 256-bit encryption to protect all data transmitted through FlashFax.

Does FlashFax support faxing internationally to all countries?

Currently not. FlashFax supports sending faxes to 46 countries, but the list is still growing.

How much does it cost to fax internationally?

The international fax rates offered by FlashFax are much cheaper than traditional services with a fax machine. At FlashFax, it costs around $0.10 - $0.25 per page.